Tuesday, 7 April 2015

I'm back!

Ok so it's been awhile, well, over a year in fact!? I could bore you with tales of a lack of internet connection, an inability to interest my mates in a game of Napoleonics, how my hobby time has been mysteriously gobbled up by x-wing and how I've been working hard but I'll save you from all that and just say I'm back now so our journey can continue once more!
I have made reasonable progress on the Napoleonics front, I've collected a fair amount of miniatures and I've even managed to paint quite alot but as you'll see I still have a long way to go and yes I still have a pile of boxes of miniatures still awaiting assembly and a lick of paint and at the rate I paint and the amount I plan on collecting, I can't see that changing anytime soon!
The main reason I'm back blogging is because I have finally found a like-minded chap whom is also interested in mixing it up on the Napoleonic battlefield! Last week we had our first small playtest of the General de Brigade
Rules and it's fair to say I was very impressed! Yes that's right I've been working away at this project for over a year and last week was the first time I've had any semblance of a game!? So hopefully you can forgive me my tardiness!
Buoyed up by the success of our little playtest, Adam and I have arranged our first proper game of General de Brigade for tomorrow! We'll be starting at the start with the battle of Rolica scenario straight out of the General de Brigade rulebook with me taking on Delaborde's unenviable job of holding up the British under Adam's command for as long as possible.
Initially, I thought I wouldn't do a battle report on this game as all the models aren't painted yet and the terrain for the game is what I've managed to scrape together at short notice - not exactly the visual feast I'd like to present, especially when compared to the lavish games I enjoy reading about on other blogs like marauder moments!  However, I've decided to go for it and show the game and our first fumblings with the General de Brigade Rules as everyone's got to start somewhere and I'd like you to see what I'm up to, even if it is 'warts and all' :-)
To say I'm looking forward to the game tomorrow is an understatement! I'll look forward to sharing the battle report with you and unlike this post there will be lots of pretty - and not so pretty- pictutes for you :-) Cheers Rob ;-)

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