Saturday, 15 February 2014

Long overdue update!

Hi everyone ;) so its been a whole month since I was able to update the blog for which I'm sorry! If I manage to get my act together I'll attempt to post once a week at least!

Since the last update I managed to undercoat all the models I previously built with either white or black spray depending on the colour scheme.

I have also picked up a few bargains on ebay: namely a box of victrix British napoleonic artillery, 2 boxes of French napoleonic infantry and 1 box of Old guard grenadiers (yes I know they did'nt get to fight alot but they're pretty!)

I then saw on the victrix homepage they were having a 30% off deal so I went a little crazy and bought 4 boxes of penninsular british infantry and 1 box of flank companies, the same again for british highlanders, 2 more boxes of british artillery, a box of old guard chasseurs, a box of middle guard and another box of french napoleonic infantry!? So thats the mext 6 months of hobby budget spent!? lol

It would be silly not to take advantage of such a deal as I saved alot of money and the plan is to sell some of my Games Workshop collection to make up the outlay so I can keep collecting Napoleonics regularly! However as you can imagine I have plenty to be getting on with!

Other than buying lots of new toys I've also been working hard trying to finish painting my first French Napoleonic infantry battalion and yesterday I finally finished them! :) I'm very pleased with how they've turned out as a first attempt the only drawback being how long they took to finish but I'm hoping not only am I getting better at painting but I've also figured out how to paint them a bit quicker!

So last night I managed to base the models with sand and the plan is to paint and flock the bases tonight and give the whole lot a varnish tomorrow.

The next stage of the master plan is to build and base all the models I've just purchased, which will take quite a bit of time and then get busy with more painting! If I can get the models built I can get them on the games table quicker!

For the future I've got a good infantry core for both armies now, I'd like to get some more cavalry for the British which, due to the lack of plastic box sets will mainly be perry, and then the French are in desperate need of some cannon! Hopefully Victrix will come through with some 28mm plastics otherwise it will be some more perry metals!

Other than painting and building models I've got my gaming table to work on so more updates soon as often as I can :)

As always all comments, suggestions and criticisms welcome! A special thanks to JJ for all his advice! :)