Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Getting ready for the battle of Vimiero!

Adam and I are having our second game this saturday and we'll be playing the Vimiero hill scenario. With all my tournament terrain stuck in a hall quite far away I need to make a very large hill, woods, a town and two vineyards! 

To get the size of the terrain correct I did a bit of measuring of the scenario map and converted it to the scale of the board we'll be using which is 8x4.

The town is easy as I have a few buildings already and some stone walls to go around it.

For the hill i bought a large sheet of polystyrene and cut out a rough shape with a knife. The hill for Vimiero is 72 inches long and 18-15 inches wide so I decided to make it in two parts for ease of storage. I then used a soldering iron to texture the face of the hill and painted them with a black undercoat. Normally I'd texture the whole hill but I'm planning on adding gravel and flock to the top and I need to get this job done quickly. 

Next I drybrushed the hills grey, then glued gravel patches to the top, painted and drybrushed the gravel an earth colour and finally glued on some flock. Job done!

With forests I used to glue 3-4 trees onto a large mdf baseboard but it's difficult to store and I want flexibility to represent whatever I need to for future battles, so I decided to mount individual trees on 50mm round laser cut mdf bases. This is an easy job, just glue each tree to a Base, once dry paint the rest of the Base with more pva glue and dunk in modelling sand. When dry add some flock job done!

With the vineyards I plan on just using some lichen on the board or a selection of smaller trees.
So, with all the terrain sorted all I need to do now is get busy painting more models! :-) 

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