Sunday, 23 March 2014

Battle of Fuentes de Oñoro Order of Battle

Hi everyone :) I've been researching penninsular war battles in an effort to direct my collecting and painting efforts.

I decided the battle of  Fuentes de Oñoro would make a nice first engagement for me even if it is a big first project! The idea is that it will give me two core armies for penninsular gaming and will be transferable to other theatres of war with the french force so they can fight against the Austrians, Russians and Prussians in the future.

To that end I've been researching the  Fuentes de Oñoro OOB'S (Order of Battle) as its an interesting and evenly matched battle with lots of interesting units to help me choose which real units my battalions will represent (hence all the Highlanders!?)

So I now have a long list of French and British regiments at the Battle of Fuentes de Oñoro but I need some advice on which ones to pick!? Should I try and represent entire actual divisions/brigades? Or should I just pick whichever I like the thought of? Unforrunately I'm not sure what scale I'm going to represent the battle with - the infantry figure scale is roughly 1:25 do I translate that to battalions aswell? I'd prefer to refight the battle as a whole rather than just part of it and I'd like to represent the different types of units involved but at a scale I can handle?
All advice very much welcome!

As an aside I've just invested in the General de Brigade deluxe edition rules so I'm looking forward to having a read when it arrives in the post - a backup in case my own rules fall short! :)

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