Sunday, 12 January 2014

Weekend update!

Hi everyone :)

Well the goal for my weekend off this weekend was to finish building my British Napoleonic Hussars and second infantry battalion! Now I have my camera working properly I can post some pictures of where I'm up to!

So this is my workstation where all the magic happens!

This is what I've been working on this weekend: British hussars above, a french infantry battalion in the background and two British infantry battalions in the foreground the foremost still in the process of being built.

These are the French Dragoons I built over Christmas.
 French Curaissers and my first French infantry battalion undercoated and part painted.
 A close up of one of my first painted French line infantry
 And the rear view yes I tried painting the little N with a crown above it!?
 British hussars.
 French Dragoons again the dismounted models are to the right.
 French Hussars.
 British hussars on display.

 The second British infantry battalion built.
 And a little close up.
 And the other end of the line.
 Here's all my French in one shot.
 Close up of French Hussars.
 And Curaissers.
 Second Infantry Battalion.
 And my first French Infantry Battalion in various stages of undercoated, part painted and finidhed except basing.

So that's where I'm up to!

So the next stage of my plan having built all the models I've collected is to get back to some serious painting! I'd really like to give myself a deadline to work to in order to speed things up but as its taken a long time just to get where I'm at with the first French infantry Battalion I have no idea what would be reasonable!?

As I still have £20 left over from January to add to my £50 budget for February, I have £70 to spend next month. I'm thinking about trying out some Victrix plastic box sets - I really want to get some artillery and the Victirx British artillery boxed set contains 3 guns and limbers for £20 odd pounds. Unfortunately they don't do a similiar boxed set for the French so I was thinking of getting a British Penninsular Infantry centre companies boxed set and a French Infantry 1807-1812 to make up roughly my budget's worth. It will be interesting to compare the Perry plastics to the Victrix. It states on the Victirx website that the artillery boxed set comes with a selection of cannon barrels does anyone know if its three barrels of each option or one of each option?

In the longer term I have quite a bit of work to do on my games board and terrain in preparation for what I really want to do which is get some models on the table and have a game with them! Additionally, I need to keep on working on my wargame rules - I have a workable playtest set so far but there's still a lot to add and a lot to tweak! And finally I need to keep working on my mates to try and get them interested in a bit of Napoleonic wargaming hopefully now I've got some pretty pictures up this blog will help in that mission!

Next up will be a report on my painting progress as soon as I get it done in and around work, chores and keeping the girlfriend happy!

Cheers Rob :)

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  1. So this is what you're up to! Great to this project from the "genesis" moments, keep posting and get painting! A fine start, best wishes, Jeremy (warpaintjj)